Here you can acquaint with the most frequently asked questions. It is good idea to find a solution for your problem here before you open a ticket in order to get help.

1.How much can I earn per single download ?

Rates vary between $0.25 to even several dozen dollars. The highest rates belong to Northern America's countries (USA, Canada) and Western Europe (Germany, France, Holland, Spain, Sweden, Norway).

2.Why in my download's history is a download below $0.25?

Such situation can happen when there are no better paid offers for a country. Mostly they are poor developed countries like India, China, Congo. If the download comes from better developed country, please contact with FireCash workers via special ticket in order to turn such offer down.

3.What types of accounts do you offer ?

-We grant people with accounts – it depend on how experienced user you are and how much do you earn per month.

STANDARD ACCOUNT – basic account obtained after registration.
VIP ACCOUNT – amazing rates to smash our competitors, NET5 payouts, additional motivation bonuses, obtained after every step of leads amount you can get few bonuses, extraordinary payout from current balance, possibility to apply for 1 payout per month without waiting for "available to payout" without any provision

To obtain VIP ACCOUNT you need to apply for it in your user panel.

4. Can I buy higher account ?

No, it is not possible. Higher account you can earn only by fulfilling each condition or in special promotions.

5. How can I withdraw my money ?

You can request a payment via Payza or PayPal. What is more we offer wire transfers. We send money in USD, EUR and PLN. FireCash does not have influence on exchange rate.

6. Can I download my own files ?

Yes of course by special option in your account manager. You are not allowed to fulfil offers to unlock a download of your file.

7.Should I pay a tax for incomes granted from FireCash ?

User is obliged to find out whether he need to pay tax in his local Tax Agency or not.

8.How many accounts can I have ?

You can have many accounts but they can not be connected in any way.

Exception !:
Users from Vietnam are obliged to have only one account per one IP address. 9. What is the maximum size of single file ?

The maximum file size is 1Gb. 10. Can I upload copyrighted files ?

No, such files are removed. 11. "Suspended" request - what does it mean ?

Our system suspended your request because irregular activity has been detected. In such situation you should contact with FireCash workers using help desk. If user earned money legally, he should not be afraid - our workers quickly solve such situation and send money.

12. Is there a limit for number of files or size ?

No, everyone have unlimited space on our servers. The same with number of files.

13. Can I upload porn files or fake porn files ?

Fake porn files can be uploaded without a limit and as a pornographic one can be promoted. However such files are checked more often than normaln ones and if the system detect that such files have real pornographic materials they would be removed.

14. How much can I earn from the incomes of my referral ?

You can earn 10% of your referral.

15. Proxy Level - What is it ?

It is a percentage which inform how huge part in user's download have those filled by proxy or similar technologies. Lower amount - less downloads made by prxy. The highest acceptable percentage is 10%. Higher than 10% in month can cause request suspending or account check by our worker.

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